We Should Start a Band

Amanda Angeles
2 min readMay 8, 2021


This could be us guys

The day: April 9, 2021. The time: 12:31 pm. The place: Breakout room 4. We’re talking about WP3 like good students and suddenly I’m inspired and go on a tangent. “There are so many art/music/performance majors in our class. We should start a band,” I said. I felt that this idea was too powerful and brilliant not to share.

I assembled the unknowing soon-to-be bandmates against their will via Instagram Group Chat. The few who responded seemed to be on board. Someone suggested we extract our lyrics from the WP1 through WP3 prompts. Someone else suggested a song titled “Any Questions?” that is just three minutes of silence with an awkward laugh at the end. I was really rockin’ with the creative flow in the space.

I begin sending a list of Possible Band Names:

  1. The Deep Diggers
  2. The Mediumites

And then it hit me. The P e r f e c t N a m e

The DisSingers

It was absolutely superb. Nothing else could top it. The moment I thought of it may very well have been my peak. I savored the view from the top. I pondered bittersweetly what life would be like moving forward, knowing all my other accomplishments would only be a duller taste of this. My text suggesting “The DisSingers” got three whole likes.

I will dearly miss this class and I’d love to meet up with everyone and jam out with The DisSingers next semester.